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Customized Employee Wellness Programs

There’s a movement afoot to change the direction of health and wellness in America. So a bunch of wellness vendors popped up, offering the latest tools and technologies. But they leave you without support, and like a fad diet, employees try it for a while, then it’s back to their old ways. This is the old Wellness 1.0 model.

WellnessRebates™ is offering something much bigger…customized employee wellness programs that are built to last. They last because there is a cultural shift towards healthy living, which is critical to remaining competitive in today’s marketplace. This is wellness 2.0: a comprehensive and results-oriented wellness program. Why Wellness 2.0?  Because it’s been proven to lower healthcare costs, increase employee productivity, and well, just make everyone a little happier.
Oh, and did we mention our Wellness Program can cost you nothing*? Yep, there’s that too.

Leaving a healthy impression all across America.
Does your program deliver?
Outcome-based incentives that reach the most at-risk employees
New wellness model encouraged by the Affordable Care Act promotes personal responsibility and a focus on results
Support and guidance for HR professionals responsible for wellness
Specialists that help you manage the health of your workforce and build a culture of wellness
Data and analytics to measure results and ROI
Detailed reporting on improvements in workforce health and impact of wellness program on organization's bottom line